Easy Clay Flowers — Clay Painting on Cardboard

Clay Flowers

Clay flowers presented in this tutorial can be a good gift from a child for Mother’s Day. And we will make it on cardboard in the form of a circle.

To make such a craft, we will prepare:

  • a sheet of orange cardboard;
  • compass with scissors;
  • clay set;
  • stack.

Clay Flowers Step by Step

The basis for our craft will be a circle cut out of orange cardboard.

Then you need to decide on the flowers, from which clay we will make them. We prepare 5 blanks in the form of balls of clay of different colors.

We distribute them on cardboard as follows. Flowers will be located here.

First, we press each ball so that it is fixed on the cardboard.

Next, we’ll use a plastic stack. First, divide the circle into 4 parts by drawing 2 perpendicular lines.

Then divide each quarter in half. As a result, we got a circle divided into 8 parts.

Now we will form the petals of our flowers. To do this, we lean the side of the stack against one of the segments of the circle.

So it is required to do with all the parts. As a result, we got a clay base for a flower.

We create other flowers in a similar way.

Clay Flowers

We will make the middle ones for them from small clay balls of different colors.

Clay Flowers

Now let’s use green clay. From it we roll up thin flagella, which will become stems for our flowers.

Clay Flowers

Add green leaves.

Clay Flowers

We make veins on them with a plastic stack. And we complete the work on the craft by creating a bow that will decorate our bouquet. We make it from a thin flagellum of yellow clay. Clay flowers are ready.

Clay Flowers

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