Flower From Felt Hearts — Tutorial with a Photo

Flower From Felt Hearts

This tutorial presents a flower from felt hearts. Crafts can be made as a gift to loved ones for any occasion. For example, for a birthday, Valentine’s Day.

  • pink and red felt;
  • cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • decorative center;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors.

Flower From Felt Hearts Step by Step

First, let’s make blanks from cardboard in the shape of hearts. They should be of different sizes (slightly different in height).

We will make large hearts from red felt, and small ones from pink.

Cut out 5 red hearts.

From pink felt, you need to prepare the same number of hearts.

Now they need to be connected to each other. We put pink hearts on top of the red ones, fixing them together along the middle line with a glue gun.

So we prepared 5 petals made in the shape of hearts.

Flower From Felt Hearts

After that, you need to slightly narrow the petals at the base. To do this, apply a drop of hot glue at the bottom, and then connect the edges.

These are the petals for the future flower.

Flower From Felt Hearts

Next, cut out a small circle of red felt and begin to glue the finished petals on it.

We evenly fix all 5 petals on hot glue.

Flower From Felt Hearts

We add a decorative center, which is a large bead framed by small ones. In addition to a decorative product, you can use the middle of felt. For example, cut a strip of yellow felt, make a fringe on one side, and then roll it into a tube. Everything, a flower from felt hearts is ready.

Flower From Felt Hearts

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