Origami Sparrow For Kids

Origami Sparrow

Simple origami sparrow for kids. Detailed review with step by step photos. We replenish the collection of origami birds for kids.

For work you will need:

  • One-sided colored paper (origami paper);
  • Scissors;
  • Choice of: paper eyes, sticky eyes, felt-tip pen to draw them.

Origami Sparrow Step by Step

To fold this origami, you need a triangular piece of paper. To do this, it is easier for children to cut a square segment in half, diagonally.


Use one triangle.

Fold it in half, color up, to mark the vertical crease line.

Open and flip to the other side. Point the right corner to the left, aligning it with the middle of the opposite side.

Bend the left corner to the right.

Open the corners, a fold line is visible in the middle.

Guided by it, fold the figure in half. At the same time, the corners should rise up. These will be the wings of the origami sparrow. Press the wings and direct a right angle, for example, to the right.

We make out the head with a beak

To do this, lower the right corner down. You can bend a fairly large corner, since the sparrow’s head is rounded, and not elongated small.

Origami Sparrow

Bring it back and fold the corner down again, but this time quite a bit.

Origami Sparrow

Open this fold as well, and then zigzag back, forming a bird’s beak. Alternatively, you can guide part of the paper along the folds inward.

Origami Sparrow

Fold the bottom corners of the breast inward. Draw or glue on the eyes. The origami sparrow is ready.

Origami Sparrow

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