Tin Can Frog Craft

Tin Can Frog

A tin can frog decorate a children’s room, it can become an excellent pencil holder, a keeper of small, but such important children’s things.

Making this craft is interesting, fun, informative and easy. Why throw away empty tin cans if you can make a lot of funny and funny characters, souvenirs, necessary items out of them, and at the same time take a child’s leisure time?

Prepare materials for crafts from a jar:

  • Canning jar. I took a small one from baby corn. You can also take large corn, from under peas, powdered milk, and any preservation.
  • Green cardboard and green colored paper. Well, if they are slightly different in tone.
  • White paper, black and red. It will take quite a bit to create eyes and blush on the cheeks.
  • Scissors, simple pencil. As well as any glue. I used glue stick and it worked great.
  • You will also need a black felt-tip pen to draw a smile.

Tin Can Frog Craft Step by Step

Draw the frog’s head and legs. Actually, you can draw one foot, and then cut it out and use it as a stencil. The drawings are not complicated, if there are still difficulties, redraw any paw and head from the Internet, or print it out. But, I think, the drawing will not cause any particular difficulties, especially since it can be drawn with a pencil on white paper, corrected in every possible way, and only then transferred to cardboard.

Since your tin may be different sizes, try to match the frog’s head to the width of the tin. The paws, if applied to the side of the can, should be slightly less than its height.

Measure the width and height of the jar, you can even wrap it in paper and mark it with a pencil, and cut out a strip of green paper.

Cut out a head, 4 paws, a small triangle or rectangle from green cardboard to fasten the head to the jar.

From white paper, cut out two larger circles, commensurate with the head, and two smaller ones from black paper, these will be the pupils. You will also need 2 circles of red paper for blush, and at the same time a colorful accent on the frog.

Glue eyes, a blush, a smile on a cardboard green head.

Paste the tin can with prepared green paper, fasten it with a cardboard triangle with a head.

Tin Can Frog

Glue the paws: two on the sides of the jar, creating the appearance that the frog is holding it tightly, and two on the bottom, to the bottom of the jar.

Tin Can Frog

It turned out such a funny tin can frog — an excellent container for small items, pencils, felt-tip pens, crayons.

Tin Can Frog

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  1. Can you make a dog tin can or a spider tin can please oh and a cat for my baby 2/12/2023 thank you for my frog but my baby removed the head just make a cat NOW FOR MY BABY bye.

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