Apple Frog — Fruit Crafts for Kids

Apple Frog

Very easy apple frog craft. A simple job that kids can do quickly and easily. Interesting tutorial with step by step photos.


  • Green apple;
  • Green cardboard;
  • White and black paper for the eyes;
  • Glue or double-sided tape, stationery knife.

Apple Frog in Stages

Prepare a beautiful apple. Of course, it is preferable when the color of the apple is green, but yellow and red frogs will look quite interesting.

Cut out the top and bottom legs from cardboard. The form can be any, the simplest is a strip, slightly expanding and turning into a three-fingered at the end.

Large bulging eyes are also important. From green cardboard, cut out two ovals with a pointed one side, which will later need to be placed in the cut on the apple. From white, cut out two circles — eyeballs, and two black circles that will be the pupils of the eyes.

From red paper, cut a thin arc in a semicircle. We will glue it as a frog smile. You can replace the glue with double-sided tape.

All the components are ready, now we move on to the direct collection of the amphibian.

Glue the prepared circles and circles onto the green oval to make eyes. Use a utility knife to make slits in the top of the apple and place the eyes there.

Make small cuts on the sides and insert cardboard paws there. Note that all the details must be exactly cardboard, since it will be problematic to insert the paper into the cuts, and it will also get wet very quickly in apple juice.

The lower paws and smile are attached with glue, but the paws can also be inserted into the slits neatly made in the bottom of the apple.

Apple Frog

Everything, the apple frog is ready. Such fruit crafts are always interesting and not at all difficult to make.

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