How to Make a Frog Step by Step

How to Make a Frog

How to make a frog with your own hands from a toilet paper roll. An idea for children what can be made from such waste material as a roll.


  • Toilet paper roll;
  • Green paper;
  • Yellow cardboard and black paper;
  • Some red paper;
  • Scissors, glue, black marker.

How to Make a Frog Step by Step

Wrap the roll with paper and mark the height and width of the future segment. Cut out the rectangle. You can also do this with a centimeter, or waste paper from a newspaper or magazine.

Apply glue to a rectangular piece and wrap the roll with paper.

Prepare small parts for the frog:

  • Two green stripes for paws;
  • Two three-toed paws;
  • Red tongue in the form of a strip rounded at the tip;
  • Two round yellow eyes made of cardboard;
  • Black circles for pupils.

How to Make a Frog

Glue the ends of the strips to complete the circle. Then press on the sides to make the figure more elongated. These simple details will be part of the frog’s legs.

Let’s move on to the final stage. Glue the eyes to the roll, draw a smile and add a tongue on top. Glue elongated ovals on the sides, and the paws themselves on the bottom.

How to Make a Frog

That’s it, now you know how to make a frog step by step from a toilet paper roll. This is one of the easiest ways to create crafts for preschool children.

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