Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug

Due to the contrasting black and white colors, a toilet paper roll ladybug looks extremely bright and attractive. Despite lots of small details, it’s not at all difficult to make it.

For this craft you will need:

  • A toilet paper roll. You can use a half of kitchen paper towels roll instead of it or make a roll of black cardboard;
  • Black and yellow colored paper;
  • Yellow, black, and red cardboard;
  • Moving eyes;
  • A writing pencil, glue, scissors, red and black felt pens.

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug Step by Step

Cover the roll with black paper and mark its sizes. Cut a rectangle.

Glue the black rectangle to the roll. Squeeze the top so that the edges can close, and stick them together. Since the roll is quite hard, glue stick is not enough here. Generously apply PVA glue inside, press the edges and secure them with clothespins or paper clips. Leave it for a while for the glue to take a hold. To be on the same side, you may also need to fix it with sticky tape. Or right from the start you can thoroughly glue it with a hot gun.

Prepare small parts for the ladybug:

  • A yellow cardboard circle for the head;
  • Use black cardboard for a object with whiskers, which is equal to or slightly larger than the head;
  • Lots of black circles for wings and 2-3 red ones for buttons on the body;
  • Oblong wings of red cardboard;
  • A decoration of yellow paper on the ladybug’s neck. This collar should be as wide as the upper glued part of the roll. To prevent the collar from melting into the face, take slightly lighter yellow paper.

Attach the whiskered part and the eyes to the head and draw a nose with a smile. Stick the black dots all over the wings.

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug

Stick the collar onto the roll; attach the head atop it and the wings on the back.  The toilet paper roll ladybug is complete.

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug

Optionally, you can add hands or legs.

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug

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