Autumn Composition of Pine Cones, Leaves and Berries

Autumn composition

The presented autumn composition of pine cones, leaves and berries is very simple. This is an ideal work option for the autumn holiday, which does not require any complicated actions.

In addition, here you can unleash all your creative potential, create the most original and beautiful composition from natural materials that will catch your eye.

What materials will be needed?

  • Pine cones;
  • Dry leaves of different shapes and colors;
  • Rowan berries;
  • Gouache, brush;
  • Any waste material, packing boxes.
  • Not necessarily, but glue, yellow colored paper, scissors may come in handy.

Autumn Composition Step by Step

It all depends on personal vision, because such work does not have any clear framework and principles. You can paint pine cones in one or more colors with gouache, and at the same time ennoble the box in which the composition will be located with paint. Alternatively, the box can be pasted over with burlap, wrapped with twine, which will make the work even more natural and natural.

When the pine cones are dry, you can move on to the most interesting action – creating a beautiful composition.

  • Beautifully arrange pine cones in a box. The box should not be high, it is important that the cones rise a little above it, and not just be seen somewhere at the bottom. The pine cones themselves can be glued on so that they are stable and do not fall on their side. Or put yellow colored paper cut into thin straws under them, which will hold the cones vertically and will not stand out too much from under the leaves, in comparison, for example, with cotton wool, pieces of toilet paper.
  • Pine cones are in the desired position, it’s time to use another natural material – leaves. They can beautifully lay out the sides of the box, surround the cones, in general, fill the box, combining a variety of leaves.
  • The rowan berries will complete the work, giving the autumn composition completeness and a bright accent.

Autumn composition

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