Ant Apples Craft for Kids

Apple Ant

Ant apples is an easy craft for kids for the fall holiday from the most affordable natural materials.

Making an insect is very simple, just carefully connect all the components.

For crafts, prepare:

  • 2 apples, one may be slightly smaller, as it will be the head, and the second — the body;
  • 1 grape, which will be the funny nose of the ant;
  • 6 petioles from leaves or thin twigs;
  • sticky eyes;
  • 1-2 toothpicks.

Ant Apples Craft Step by Step

At the first stage, you can make the head of an insect. Glue the eyes to the apple with adhesive. If you want to stick to everything natural, instead of artificial preparations, you can use small hard berries, stick seasoning with cloves, sunflower seeds.

The nose of our ant will be from a grape. You need to tear it off with a long petiole, with the help of which the grapes are attached to the apple. For convenience, you can first mark a puncture with a toothpick, and then place the petiole there. Stick two long leaf stalks into the top of the head to display the antennae of the ant.

Using toothpicks, connect two apples together, thus attaching a body to the head.

Apple Ant

At the last stage, stick a few petioles on the sides to make paws. You can replace them with thin branches.

Everything, the ant apples is ready.

Apple Ant

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