Rooster from apples, leaves and carrot

Rooster from apples

A bright craft made from natural materials — a rooster from apples, leaves and carrot. Step by step instructions with photos.

What materials will be needed for crafts:

  • Two apples, one of which is slightly larger than the other;
  • Large carrot;
  • Dry leaves. You can use any suitable size and shape;
  • Sticky eyes (natural version – berries, cloves seasoning);
  • Several toothpicks.

Rooster from Apples, Leaves and Carrot Step by Step

Prepare apples of the desired color. For the head, take a smaller apple compared to the one for the body.

Peel the carrot, cut off the tip – there will be a beak, cut off the layer and make notches on one side – for the rooster’s comb.

Use toothpicks to attach the combed beak to the smaller apple.

Glue your eyes. Here they are on an adhesive basis, so they are attached without problems. You can also take plastic moving eyes, stick cloves in seasoning, cut out of paper, mold from clay.

Rooster from apples

Attach the head to the body with one to three toothpicks.

Rooster from apples

Pick up leaves with petioles. First, make holes with a toothpick, and then stick the leaf stalks there. In this work, oak leaves are used in the tail, but you can also experiment with different ones. For example, maple, birch. If there is a suspicion that the leaves do not hold well in apples, use double-sided tape.

Rooster from apples

Everything, a rooster from apples, leaves and carrot is ready. An excellent craft made from natural materials, a good choice for an autumn holiday in kindergarten, school.

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