Autumn Origami Tree Step by Step — Instructions with Fhotos

Autumn Origami Tree

Autumn origami tree in two versions, but both are flat. A step-by-step review of working with a photo. Autumn trees are conical and rounded.


  • Colored paper (yellow, orange, brown);
  • Glue stick.

Autumn Origami Tree Step by Step

Earlier we already folded an origami tree, and, in 5 versions, this time we have yellow trees of the autumn season.

The tree consists of a trunk and a crown, which we will fold separately. You will need two square pieces. Size —optional, these trees are folded from paper 10:10 cm.

Origami Conical Crown of a Tree

Prepare origami paper or a piece of plain paper.

Fold the corners to make a triangle.

Open and align the sides along the center fold. Right.


Bend the bottom corner up.

Autumn Origami Tree

Flip over to the other side. The simplest crown is ready.

Autumn Origami Tree

We Fold the Tree Trunk

Compared to the crown, the trunk is somewhat more difficult to fold. Take the second piece of brown paper.

Fold the square into a triangle.

Straighten and fold again, connecting the other two corners. You will get such intersecting folds.

Align the sides along the center fold, at the top.

Now also bend the sides at the bottom to outline the folds we need. Right.


Open the lower parts.

Flip over to the other side.

Fold in half with the bottom facing up.

Fold the right side to the left and down.

Similarly, straighten down and the left side.

Bend the bottom corners up to mark the folds there.

Return these bottom corners to their original position.

Redirect the lower right corner to the middle.

Fold down the top corner.

And then immediately point it up, making a small crease.

Fold in half, left to right.

Pull on the inner corner to pull it out. This will be a small piece of wood.

Autumn Origami Tree

Bend the bottom corner inwards. The trunk is ready.

Autumn Origami Tree

Glue it to the crown to complete the origami tree.

Autumn Origami Tree

In addition to the cone, the crown can be of any shape. You can make it round.

Round Crown of a Tree

For her, you need a yellow piece of square-shaped paper. The size is also 10:10 cm.

Fold the square into a triangle.

Open and fold the side corners to the central fold as shown in the photo.

Fold the top and bottom corners into the middle as well.

Round off the crown by folding in the small corners at the top of the paper.

Autumn Origami Tree

Turn over to the other side, the crown is ready.

Autumn Origami Tree

Glue on the trunk to complete another autumn origami tree.

Autumn Origami Tree

Of course, if you choose the green color of the crown, the autumn variation of the tree may well change to spring and summer.

Autumn Origami Tree

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