Clay Butterfly Easy Craft

Clay Butterfly

A simple clay butterfly for kids. Sculpting a bright insect in a phased execution with detailed photos.

In this review, we will consider one of the options for sculpting a butterfly. In fact, there are several dozen of them, since variations can be not only in color, but in the shape of wings, torso, in patterns that can be made on butterfly wings.

Kids can embody their creative vision in creating this insect, choose the desired colors of clay, make the wings round, oval, in the form of droplets. The wings themselves can also be of different sizes. For example, you can blind not 4, but only 2, but large and bright.

What you need for sculpting:

  • Clay green, yellow, orange, purple, blue, red, black;
  • A plastic knife (stack), which comes in sets with this material;
  • Substrate, special mat for modeling.

Clay butterfly step by step

At the first stage, we blind the body. To do this, you need to roll a small piece of green clay into a ball.

After this ball needs to be rolled into a sausage, in which one side will be thicker and the other thin.

Now let’s start sculpting the butterfly wings. We will have 4 of them, but in two different colors and sizes.

Roll 4 balls: two orange and two yellow.

Roll out the balls, turning them into carrots.

Press the carrots with your fingers and shape the wings as desired.

Glue the wings to the body of the clay butterfly.

Clay Butterfly

Roll up small balls of blue and green clay and stick your eyes. Make antennae from purple clay by rolling out very thin flagella, and sticking balls on the tip. If the clay is very soft, the antennae can be made with toothpicks, sticking around them with a thin layer of clay.

Clay Butterfly

Now the most interesting stage of work is decorating the butterfly. There is no limit to creativity here. You can decorate with different patterns, but the easiest way is with the help of multi-colored balls. Roll up small balls of different sizes and from different colors of clay.

Next, they need to be flattened with your fingers and glue flat circles on the wings of a butterfly.

Clay Butterfly

That’s it, the clay butterfly is ready. More collection ideas:

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