Heart Peacock Paper Craft for Valentine’s Day

Heart Peacock

A heart peacock paper craft is a simple Valentine’s Day idea for kids. Step by step instructions with photos.


  • Light green paper;
  • Red paper or cardboard;
  • Pink and yellow paper;
  • Black and orange markers;
  • Ruler, scissors, figured hole punch.
  • Glue.

Heart Peacock Paper Craft Step by Step

Cut out a beautiful heart from red paper or cardboard. If cardboard was used, the heart can later be used as a postcard, which can be signed on the back.

Based on the size of the heart, make a square-shaped piece of light green paper (of course, the colors may be different). Here, the width and height of the square with the heart are approximately the same.

Fold the light green square segment in half to make a triangle. With this action, we will determine the middle.

Open the square and bend the sides, aligning in the middle.

Place the heart in the bag. If you do not sign it on the back and use it as a postcard, at this stage the heart can be glued to light green paper.

Bend the corners on the sides of the heart.

Heart Peacock

Bend the bottom corner up.

Heart Peacock

And then lower a small area of the corner down to make a peacock’s beak.

Heart Peacock

Color the beak with a felt-tip pen, draw the eyes. Use a hole puncher to make some hearts. Glue one in the area of the bird’s head, and decorate the work with others. Alternatively, hearts can be drawn with felt-tip pens.

Heart Peacock

Everything, the heart peacock paper craft is ready.

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