Quilling Sunflower — Easy for Kids

Quilling Sunflower

Quilling sunflower step by step. Easy operation for kids and beginners. Creating a light flower from thin strips of paper.

For such a sunflower, we will take:

  • strip twisting tool;
  • sample;
  • paper strips of brown, green, yellow;
  • white glue.

Quilling Sunflower Step by Step

Let’s start making our flower with petals. They will be made of yellow stripes. We take one of them and twist it, forming a workpiece measuring 20 mm.

Carefully remove it from the template, holding the tip, then fix the edge with glue.

Squeeze with fingers on one side. We get the first petal for the future sunflower.

It is required to make 3 more such blanks from yellow stripes.

Quilling Sunflower

The middle of our sunflower will be brown. To create it, we first glue 2 strips of a given color, then twist them, making a circle (it will be 20 mm in diameter).

We take out the workpiece from the template, then fix the tip with glue.

Gently squeeze this blank, giving it the shape of an oval.

We begin to glue yellow petals to this brown center.

Quilling Sunflower

At the same time, it is required to prepare the stem for our sunflower, it will be a piece of green paper strip. Glue the stem between the middle petals of the flower.

Quilling Sunflower

It remains to make a leaf. For him, first sequentially glue 2 green stripes. Then from them we form a circle with a diameter of 20 mm.

We take it out, glue the tip, and then squeeze the workpiece from both sides.

Glue this leaf to the stem. It turned out such a sunflower using the quilling technique.

Quilling Sunflower

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