Origami Apple in 7 Easy Steps

Origami Apple

Origami apple for kids. A simple do-it-yourself paper apple. An excellent version of origami, with which you can complement any autumn and not only composition.


  • Red paper;
  • Green paper and white;
  • Glue, scissors, markers.

Origami Apple Step by Step

To make this colorful fruit, you will need a piece of red paper in the shape of a square. Size at your own discretion.

Fold the square into a triangle to mark the fold.

Open and fold the sides of the square along the resulting fold.

Fold in a small corner at the top.

Point the corner up so that it protrudes slightly beyond the opposite side.

Bend a small part of the upper corner to the side.

Origami Apple

Now you need to give the future apple a rounded look. To do this, bend the corners on the sides.

And a very small part of the corners below.

Origami Apple

Flip over to the other side. Origami apple is ready.

Origami Apple

Cut out simple leaves from green paper and glue to the petiole. For a funny look, you can draw him a smile, nose, glue eyes.

Origami Apple

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