Origami Bird House with Colored Paper Bird

Origami Bird House

An easy origami bird house for children with a bird made from paper circles. Step-by-step instructions with photos.


  • Single-sided colored paper for bird house;
  • Colored paper for the bird;
  • Scissors, glue.

Origami Bird House with a Bird Step by Step

Folding the Bird House

Prepare colored paper and shape it into a square. It is important that the paper is one-sided, with color on one side and just white on the other.

Fold the square in half to mark the middle.

Open and bend the top corners towards this middle. With this action we also outline the approximate folds.

Open up the corners.

And again bend the same upper corners, but this time to the folds outlined in the previous step.

Fold the top right corner into a thin strip.

Fold the same side again, folding the strip down.

Repeat all steps on the left. That is, fold the paper twice.

Point the bottom of the paper up. The colored stripe at the bottom should be only slightly wider than the top ones, which are at right angles.

Turn the paper over to the other side.

Close the right and left sides in the center. Here we also mark the folds on the sides.

Fold the sides back, make small cuts to define the roof of the bird house, and then bring the sides together to meet the fold outlined in the previous step.

Turn over to the other side. The origami bird house is ready. If desired, the curved sides at the back can be secured with glue.

Origami Bird House

Making a Bird for a Bird House

Our bird is very simple, it consists of two small circles. Prepare them. Make the circle for the wings smaller in size compared to the body. Also cut the smaller circle in half.

Glue the bird, add a beak and eyes. By the way, there could be any bird here. For example, you can make an origami bird.

Origami Bird House

The origami bird house is ready. Happy creativity!

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