Origami Chestnut Leaf

Origami Chestnut Leaf

Origami chestnut leaf will perfectly decorate the premises of a school or kindergarten. Moreover, children can make these bright leaves themselves.

What will be needed from the materials?

  • Colored paper (green, red, yellow);
  • Simple pencil;
  • Scissors.

Origami Chestnut Leaf Step by Step

Prepare square paper.

Fold in half, connecting opposite corners.

Fold the triangle again from corner to corner.

And for the third time, fold the triangle in the same way, which in the process of folding will turn out to be much smaller than the original version. Do not forget to carefully smooth the folds, for example, with a plastic card. We will need them very much.

Now straighten the small triangle, returning it to its original size.

As you can see in the photo, we clearly see the central fold and two oblique side ones. We will work with them.

So, the first oblique fold, for example the left one, pull and direct to the left side of the triangle. Please note that the corner of the fold is quite a bit short of the outer side of the triangle.

Then grab the center fold. It curves inward, so redirect it outward and fold it to the left as well, again a little short of the left side, creating a stagger.

After redirecting the center fold to the left, another fold in the middle becomes visible. It also now needs to be folded to the left.

Origami Chestnut Leaf

Now the blank is correctly folded, you need to draw lines on it with a pencil, defining the future sheet. It’s important to do it right. Press the workpiece, draw an arc in the area of ​​the steps, which must necessarily pass through the second corner.

On the left, draw a straight line, slightly expanding towards the end. This is the future petiole of the leaf.

Origami Chestnut Leaf

Cut along the outline.

Origami Chestnut Leaf

Straighten the paper carefully. If correctly folded, you get such origami chestnut leaf.

Origami Chestnut Leaf

Its shape can change, depending on the drawn arc. If you make it narrower, the leaf will be with clearly distinct peaks.

Origami Chestnut Leaf

You can also make origami maple leaf.

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