Origami Pumpkin for Halloween Step by Step

Origami Pumpkin

Easy origami pumpkin for Halloween. Step-by-step instruction with detailed photos. Easy and fast creative work.


  • Square-shaped paper (any desired size and suitable color);
  • For eyes and a sinister smile to choose from: black felt-tip pens or black paper;
  • Glue and scissors, if the choice fell on paper eyes with a smile.

Origami Pumpkin for Halloween Step by Step

At the initial stage, you should make a basic origami shape — a double triangle.

To do this, fold the paper into a triangle.

Open and fold the triangle again, but already touching the other two opposite corners.

Flip to the other side and fold the square in half to make a rectangle.

Open the paper completely and bring the horizontal fold to the middle. Moreover, while lowering the upper side of the square down.

You get this double triangle. The main part of the work is behind.

Now fold the sides of the top layer of the triangle inward, aligning it in the center. Right.

Origami Pumpkin


Flip over to the other side.

Bend the bottom corners up.

Direct the side corners towards each other, aligning along the underside.

Origami Pumpkin

To round the pumpkin a little, bend very small corners on both sides at the bottom.

Origami Pumpkin

Point the top corner down.

Origami Pumpkin

And then lift it up, making a small fold.

Origami Pumpkin

Flip over to the other side. The vegetable we need is ready.

Origami Pumpkin

But now we need to make an origami pumpkin for Halloween. To do this, draw the eyes, nose and sinister smile with a black felt-tip pen. Alternatively, these details can be cut out of paper.

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