Origami Star — Step by Step Instructions

Origami Star

Origami star step by step. An easy way to make an origami star. A flat version of the star with a detailed photo review.

Origami Star Step by Step

Prepare a piece of yellow square paper. A beautiful origami star looks from decorative paper, especially shiny.

Fold the corners of the square into a triangle.

Open the paper, turning it into a triangle again, and then point the side corners down to the bottom corner, aligning them in the center.

Open the paper again and fold the triangle in half, creating an even smaller triangle shape.

Then, starting at the top corner, fold the side to the right.

Point the left corner back and bend the entire side there.

On the right there will be doubled paper concave inward. One of its parts must be turned out and the lower corner directed to the left.

Press down to get the part shown in the photo.

Bend the right corner of the top layer to the left.

Origami Star

Then point the same corner down, connecting with the corner of the bottom of the part.

Origami Star

After it, bend it again to the left and slightly up, making a fold, thus forming a star ray.

Origami Star

Bend the right side to the left.

Origami Star

After in the opposite direction, making a fold and creating the opposite beam of the star.

Origami Star

Flip over to the other side, the paper origami star is ready.

Origami Star

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