Origami Turtle — Origami Sea Step by Step

Origami Turtle

Cute origami turtle. Step by step instructions with photos. Medium difficulty level.


  • The work uses origami paper with sides of different colors. Green on one side and blue on the other. Thanks to this, the head with paws and the shell are perfectly distinguished by color.
  • Any eyes (paper, plastic), glue.

Origami Turtle Step by Step

Prepare square paper.

From it we need to make a basic origami shape – a double triangle. To do this, at the initial stage, you need to make 3 intersecting folds.

Fold the square into a triangle. Straighten and fold again, but at the same time connect the other two corners.

The first two folds are ready.

Fold the paper into a rectangle to make a horizontal fold.

Bend to the center three corners of the square.

Turn over to the other side and bend the fourth corner to the center of this side.


Direct the horizontal fold inward.

Lower the top side to the bottom and press.

The double triangle is ready.

For convenience, unfold by changing the bottom with the top.

Bend the corner of the top layer up.

Pull the corner even higher so that the resulting one falls on the top side of the paper.

Now fold the same layer of paper so that the top corner is on the top side.

Bring the corner back up. Open the paper on the right side.

Make a small fold and press down.

Now do the same on the left.

First fold the paper diagonally to make the desired fold, then fold the fold symmetrical to the right side.

Then, on the right side of the inside, lift the corner up.

Bend this flattened corner and point it down, making the origami turtle’s right bottom leg.

Repeat all steps on the left. Two paws are ready.

Origami Turtle

Let’s move on to the upper legs. Fold in the right corner.

And then bend it back, making a small crease.

Origami Turtle

Do the same on the left.

Origami Turtle

Flip over to the other side.

Fold the right corner, aligning with the paw.

Origami Turtle

And then fold again to make the right side of the shell straight.

Origami Turtle

Again, repeat all the steps on the left.

Origami Turtle

Origami Turtle

In the head area, bend the top corner down.

Origami Turtle

To give the shell volume, fold the model in half.

Origami Turtle

Origami Turtle

Glue the eyes, the origami turtle is ready.

Origami Turtle

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