Paper Bullfinch: Easy Craft for Kids

Paper Bullfinch

To make such a funny paper bullfinch, you need a minimum of actions, materials and skills. All stages of work are very simple, ideal for children’s creativity.

Materials used:

  • Bilateral black paper (can be cardboard);
  • Some red paper;
  • Sticky eyes (or cut out circles from white paper on which to draw a black pupil);
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick.

How to make a bullfinch out of paper?

Use a simple template, or cut out a long black strip of paper or cardboard yourself. On one of its sides, make small stripes, rounded at the tips.

Also draw and cut out small wings, a beak and legs with jagged tips.

Roll the strip into a roll so that the tail area remains free. Glue. By the way, the strip can be cut twice as long, and after that it can be rolled not into a roll, but into a free spiral. Because of this, the bullfinch will turn out to be more voluminous. But in this case it is better to work with cardboard, the paper does not hold the spiral shape well.

Glue wings on the sides of the roll body, add eyes and a beak. It turned out to be quite a funny bird.

Paper Bullfinch
To turn it into a bullfinch, cut out an oval from red paper, the width of which is equal to the width of the body strip. Glue a red oval just below the beak, and attach the paws on top, bending them slightly in the area of ​​notches – claws.

Paper Bullfinch
The paper bullfinch is ready. This is a children’s version of the craft, so the bird looks funny.

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