Paper Parrot Craft: Step by Step for Kids

Paper Parrot

How to make a paper parrot craft in the easiest way. A bright craft for children with a step-by-step photo review.

The advantage of this option is not only the ease of creation, but also the great scope for the realization of your creative fantasies and inspirations. The main thing is to make a simple body base, and feathers can be of various colors and even shapes.

Materials for work:

  • Double-sided colored paper (shades to choose from);
  • Ready-made sticky eyes, or homemade paper ones;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue.

Paper Parrot Craft: Step by Step

The craft consists of a body and additional details in the form of feathers, a beak with paws.

We Make the Body of a Bird

Cut off a strip of colored paper (even stronger if it is cardboard). The sizes are arbitrary, but if the strip is very thin, the parrot will turn out to be thin. Conversely, a wide stripe will contribute to the creation of an obese bird.

Fold the strip in half and draw two arcs from the side of the fold, rounding the side corners.

Cut off the corners along the drawn lines.

At the bottom, open the sides of the folded paper strip and fold inward a little.

Close them and glue them together to make a kind of stand, thanks to which the paper parrot can take a vertical position. The body is ready.

Additional Details, Finishing Steps

Cut out feather blanks from colored paper of different colors. They can be sharp, rounded, not very symmetrical. Prepare:

  • 6 feathers for wings;
  • 3 tail feathers;
  • 3 small tufted feathers;
  • As well as eyes, a diamond-shaped beak and 2 triangular paws.

Glue the feathers into bunches, 3 in each.

Glue eyes, beak and paws on the body.

Add 3 wings on the sides, three feathers on top and glue the tail on the back of the body. The paper parrot craft is ready.

Paper Parrot

Paper Parrot

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