Rooster Craft with Paper Strips

Rooster Craft

A beautiful and bright rooster craft with paper strips. The main thing is to choose a brighter paper and use different colors.

Of the materials you will need:

  • Double-sided colored cardboard (not very dense);
  • Simple pencil;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue stick;
  • Compass;
  • Moving eyes.

Rooster Craft with Paper Strips Step by Step

Making the Body of a Cockerel

The body consists of paper thin strips and a circle on which they will be attached.

First of all, draw and cut out a circle from cardboard. And already on it the length of the strips is selected, based on the fact that they should form an oval in a bent state.

Dimensions of this betta:

  • Circle diameter – 5.5 cm
  • Length of the stripes – 20 cm
  • Width of the stripes – 1 cm

Prepare the stripes and the circle.

Bend all the ends of the strips so that it is convenient to glue them on a circle.

Glue the first strip in the area of ​​the bent ends along the edges of the circle. Try not to bend in the center of the strip, as there should be a smooth oval.

Glue the second strip across the first, and the place of their intersection from above also needs to be fixed with glue.

In the free places on the sides, glue the remaining two strips, be sure to coat with glue on top so that the strips do not fall apart.

The body is ready.

We Make Small Details of the Rooster Craft

These include: beak, comb, earrings under the beak, wings and tail. For the beak, cut two completely identical triangles, for example, orange. To make them the same, you need to draw a beak triangle, then fold the paper and cut out two parts at once. Bend the narrow sides.

Glue the two triangles, carefully fitting the sides, but do not touch the folded areas. They need to be bent to the side. You will get such a beak of a rooster, which will be attached to the body with the help of bent parts.

Glue the beak, fastening the bent parts with stripes in the middle of the body.

Rooster Craft

Cut out a rounded heart from red cardboard, which will be the rooster’s earrings and two combs, as well as the beak is completely the same.

From bright cardboard of any desired shade, cut out semicircular hearts and a puffy tail (2 parts). Wings and tail can be any shape.

Glue the earrings on the bottom of the beak, and bend the sides of the scallops (as in the beak), connect them together, and then glue them at the top of the rooster. Do not forget about the eyes, moving ones always look interesting, but the eyes can also be made from white and black paper by cutting out circles of different sizes.

Rooster Craft

Following the example of the beak and crest, glue the tail by bending the edges. Glue the tail on the back of the body, and the wings on the sides. Everything, a rooster craft with paper strips is ready.

Rooster Craft

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