Piglet From Apple and Carrot

Piglet From Apple

A funny piglet from apple and carrot is a great option for an autumn holiday in kindergarten or school.

This character is interesting in a single copy, but also a whole family of pigs, with a mother and her children, will delight everyone. To do this, you need one large apple and several smaller ones.

Materials for this craft:

  • Apple – 1
  • Large carrot – 1
  • Knife
  • Toothpicks – 8
  • Adhesive eyes, both paper and plastic.

Also, eyes can be made from clay, use cloves (seasoning), or small berries.

Piglet From Apple and Carrot Step by Step

Prepare a beautiful apple. Color can be any, except perhaps green. Cut out carrots:

  • 2 triangular ears;
  • A round nose-patch in the middle of which there are two nostrils, they can be cut out with scissors, scrolled several times around the axis;
  • A short tail in a semicircle;
  • 4 limbs.

When all the small parts of the carrot are ready, it’s time to start creating the pig.

To fasten the carrot parts to the apple, it is best to use toothpicks with sharp edges on both sides. Insert a toothpick into a carrot, and then into an apple, having previously decided on the right place.

Attach the ears to the sides of the top of the apple. Add a patch in front, and 3 legs in the bottom. Behind define the ponytail. Finish with eyes. Moving plastic ones look funny, but you can also use homemade paper ones and stick them to an apple using double-sided tape.

That’s it, the piglet from apple and carrot is ready. Do not be too lazy to make a whole family of pigs and your creation is guaranteed attention at the autumn festival.

Piglet From Apple

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