Toilet Paper Roll Pig Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Pig

This tutorial shows an easy way to make a toilet paper roll pig craft. The pig will turn out funny and cute, the craft can replenish the collection of homemade paper animals.

What is required for the creative process?

  • Toilet paper roll;
  • Pink paper;
  • Orange cardboard for patch;
  • White and black paper for the eyes;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick.

Toilet Paper Roll Pig Step by Step

Prepare a toilet paper roll. An alternative option is pink cardboard rolled into a roll. Measure the roll, for example, using waste paper, determining the desired volume and height. Cut out a rectangle with suitable parameters.

Glue pink paper to the roll. The body of the future pig is ready.

Arm yourself with a simple pencil and draw two ears, legs, nose, tail on pink paper. You will also need white and black paper eyes and an oval orange patch.

All additional details for creating a pig are ready, it’s time to turn the roll into a conceived character.

Glue an oval patch on the trapezoidal nose, on which draw the nostrils with a black felt-tip pen, and then attach the patch itself to the edge of the roll. On its sides in the upper part, add a little hanging ears. Glue homemade paper eyes.

Glue the limbs and finish with the tail. The tail itself should be slightly twisted with a pencil.

Toilet Paper Roll Pig

Everything, the toilet paper roll pig craft is ready. This is a great option for easy creative work for children, where simple details and actions are the basis.

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