Toilet Paper Roll Bull Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Bull Craft

An easy toilet paper roll bull craft for kids, which will not require special skills and materials. Easy to make an animal step by step.

The bull consists of:

  • Toilet paper rolls;
  • Brown cardboard (you can use paper for the body);
  • Yellow cardboard and blue paper;
  • Also in the process you will need scissors, glue, and a black marker.

Toilet Paper Roll Bull Craft Step by Step

Wrap the roll in paper and measure the height and circumference.

Glue the resulting segment to the roll. Alternatively, the sleeve can be painted with brown paints, or brown cardboard can be rolled into a cylinder.

Toilet Paper Roll Bull Craft

Prepare simple details:

  • From yellow cardboard, cut out a crescent moon that will be the horns of the bull;
  • Cut out hooves and ears from the same cardboard;
  • Cut a semicircle for the muzzle from white paper;
  • From blue — eyes;
  • You can also prepare a wavy oval for the fur on the forehead.

Draw nostrils and a smile on the white muzzle with a black marker pen. Add small strokes in the form of pupils on the eyes and a straight line demarcating the hooves.

Glue all the prepared small parts to complete the job. The horns are in the upper part of the roll, and on them there is a curly forelock. Attach ears to both sides of the horn. Glue the front legs to the side of the body, and add a pair of hooves below. In the center of the roll are the muzzle and eyes.

That’s it, the toilet paper roll bull craft is ready.

Toilet Paper Roll Bull Craft

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