Paper Strips Spider Craft

Paper Strips Spider

A paper strip spider is a simple craft for kids. A funny fat spider can be a great option for Halloween crafts.

Materials for work:

  • Double-sided black paper;
  • Homemade or purchased adhesive eyes;
  • Glue, scissors.

Paper Strips Spider Craft Step by Step

The spider is a ball of thinly striped paper. Plus eyes and spider legs. The ball itself is a frequent basis in many crafts. It can be the body or head of animals, birds. Crafts from paper strips are popular in creating different characters, in children’s art.

We used to paper strip bat of paper earlier, and the first steps are exactly the same, as you will need to make a paper ball.

Create a Ball of Stripes

Cut 8 strips from black paper (4 are enough for small children). Sizes can be any, this spider is made of strips 21 cm long and 1 cm wide.

Glue the stripes in the center. First two, and then add all the others one by one. You can fasten the strips not only with glue, but also with a stapler.

Paper Strips Spider

In order for the ball to come out, all the edges of the strips must also be glued together. And also this should be done alternately, adding one strip at a time.

Paper Strips Spider

The main part of the work is done, the body of the spider is ready.

Paper Strips Spider

Spider From Strips of Paper: the Final Stage

Glue any eyes on the ball. Stickers, moving, made of paper.

For paws, cut 4 strips, you can the same as for the body in width and length. If they are long, they can be shortened later.

Glue the stripes in the center.

Paper Strips Spider

Then glue it to the body ball, and make spider legs on the sides by folding the strips up and down.

Funny paper spider is ready. If you need this character more realistic, make the body smaller.

Paper Strips Spider
There are many other ideas in the section — Halloween crafts.

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