Easy Paper Ghost Craft

Paper Ghost

As a Halloween craft with kids, you can make a funny swinging paper ghost. The work is extremely easy, kids will love the process of work and the final, fun and interesting result.

By the way, the craft can be a toy for very young children, older brothers and sisters can make them such fun.

Materials used:

  • Orange cardboard;
  • Pale yellow (white) paper;
  • Compasses, scissors, glue stick, felt-tip pens, pencils and colored pencils.

Paper Ghost Craft — Work Steps

Draw on orange (any other) cardboard with a compass a circle of any desired size. Cut it out. Cut a strip of light paper slightly narrower than the circle and twice as long.

Fold the circle and stripe in half.

The rocking circle is ready, put it aside for now. And cut out a ghost from paper. It can be absolutely arbitrary, it is not at all difficult to draw a large drop with a tail bent to the side. Also draw a paw, or a handle to a ghost.

Cut out the details, since the paper is folded in half, you will have two ghosts and two hands.

Paper Ghost

Glue the limbs to the ghost, draw a funny face on it. Then glue one part of the ghost on one side of the folded circle, and glue the other back part of the ghost on the back of the circle so that the tops match up. In the area of the head, you also need to glue it.

Paper Ghost

That’s all the work, the swinging paper ghost is ready.

You can also make an equally fun origami ghost.

More different ideas in the section — Halloween crafts.

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