Paper Cat Craft for Kids

Paper Cat Craft

The cone is an easy base for any craft. This is a ready-made body for a funny character. On the eve of Halloween, a cone can make a great paper cat.

But you can also make such a cat on any other day, choose a different color for it, up to several, because cats of different colors are very beautiful, and even bring good luck.

What will be needed for work?

  • Colored paper in black, yellow and pink;
  • Glue stick, scissors, compasses, black felt-tip pen.

Paper Cat Step by Step

For a cone, you need a quarter of a circle. Draw a circle, divide it into 4 parts, use one of them. Or you can save time and paper and simply draw a semicircle around the corner of the black paper, setting the compass point to any corner of it.

Also cut out a small strip, its width should not be more than the bottom of the cone. But this is all approximate, you need to be guided by your own vision of the cat, its size.

Glue a cone and a ring from a strip of paper.

Paper Cat Craft

Next, you need a lot of small parts, these are:

  • Black triangles are ears. As well as their smaller pink copy;
  • 4 thin strips of black paper for a mustache;
  • Oblong yellow eyes;
  • Pink nose;
  • Small paws and tail.

Glue the pink triangles onto the black ones, fold the bottom of the resulting ears and glue them onto the ring head.

Also glue the eyes and draw pupils with a black felt-tip pen. The cat also needs a mustache and a nose.

In the lower part of the head, make a cut crosswise, grease it with glue and place it on the cone until it stops.

Glue the tail, two paws and the paper cat is ready.

Paper Cat Craft

Paper Cat Craft

You can also make a funny black crow from a cone, not a scary paper witch at all, as well as a funny dog from a paper cone.

Many other ideas in the collection of Halloween Craft.

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