Halloween Paper Lantern Craft

Halloween Paper Lantern

A Halloween paper lantern made from a toilet roll is very quick and easy to make. Instead of a roll, you can use any cardboard roll, which will absolutely not affect the final form of the craft.

What will be needed for work?

  • Toilet roll or orange cardboard from which you can make a tube;
  • Colored paper in orange, light green and black;
  • Ruler, simple pencil, scissors, glue stick.

How to Make a Halloween Paper Lantern?

Cut out two rectangles from orange paper. One rectangle must fully match the parameters of the roll in length and circumference. The second rectangle should be 1 cm higher than the core, with the same width (or roll circumference).

Glue the roll with an orange segment that matches its length and width.

The photo shows that the length of the rectangle is slightly larger than the roll.

Fold a larger rectangle in half along its length and cut into small strips from the side of the fold, 1.5 cm short of the edge.

Open the paper and apply glue to the edges of the wide sides. Glue to the roll with the fold outward, carefully fitting the edges.

Due to the fact that the paper is slightly larger than the roll, it will puff up exactly the way we need it.

Halloween Paper Lantern

Cut two strips from light green paper, 1-1.5 cm wide and one strip 2 cm wide. Their length should be equal to the circumference of the roll. On a wide strip, cut the cloves.

Glue the stripes on both sides, and the flashlight handle on the side where the stripes are with teeth. The paper lantern is ready, it remains only to give it a Halloween theme. In principle, it is already clear that it was made for this holiday, since pumpkin orange and green colors were used.

Halloween Paper Lantern

Cut two small triangles from black paper for the eyes, and one even smaller one for the nose. Cut out the smile. It can be very different, up to a wavy black line. In this embodiment, you need to cut off a semicircular figure, and then make cuts on it.

Glue on the black pieces. All Halloween paper lantern is ready.

Halloween Paper Lantern

Even more ideas in the heading — crafts for Halloween.

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