Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft: a Simple Way for Kids

Pipe Cleaner Spider

Use the easiest way possible to make a pipe cleaner spider. A minimum amount of actions and efforts, a great kids’ craft of a pleasant material.

Such a spider can be made for as a part of an autumn craft – a spider on a web. Also, it’s a great Halloween craft option. Moreover, kids are fond of making all kinds of insects quick and easily just for fun. Besides, crafts made of this fluffy wire look amusing, are pleasant to the touch, and attractive.

Materials used:

  • 3 black pipe cleaner;
  • Sticky moving eyes;
  • Scissors.

Pipe Cleaner Spider Step by Step

Take 2 black stems and cut them in half. You’ll get 4 segments, which we will use to make the spider’s paws. The spider will be of medium in size; it will fit the size of a palm. If you need a large spider, you should use as many as 4 wires. And vice versa, you will need shorter stems when making a small spider.

Use another whole pipe cleaner to fix the paws in the center. Wrap it around the middle part of the stems.

Bend the paws’ end zigzag-wise downwards and then upwards to make paws.

Take the long stem that fixes the paws, connect its tips together and then twist in the center to make a tight spiral.

Glue the eyes to the body. The pipe cleaner spider is ready. Instead of the spiral-twisted stem, you can use one large pompon or two medium ones. Optionally, you can take a chestnut, an acorn, a nut, a small cone, a lollipop, or any round object you like.

Pipe Cleaner Spider

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