Paper Sun Craft — Easy Paper Strip Crafts

Paper Sun

You can make many interesting crafts from thin strips of paper. This time we have a simple paper sun – easy creative work for children.


  • Yellow paper, yellow cardboard;
  • Scissors, glue;
  • Paper eyes, markers, compasses.

Paper Sun Craft Step by Step

Cut off 4 strips. The sizes depend on what size you need the craft of the sun.

Fold all the strips in half to determine the middle.

Glue the strips in the middle area, equidistant from each other, you get such a semblance of a snowflake.

Then apply glue to the tips of the rays and glue them to the middle.

Cut out a circle from cardboard. Glue the eyes, draw a nose and a smile.

Paper Sun
Glue the circle itself to the part with stripes.

Paper Sun Craft
Everything, the paper sun is ready.

You can also make a bright multi-colored butterfly from paper stripes.

Crafts for Kids – learn how to make craft at home! Super cute crafts for all age groups!

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