Dragonfly Summer Craft for Kids

Dragonfly Summer Craft

We suggest working with colored paper. Using blanks of different colors and sizes, we will get the dragonfly summer craft for kids. And the proposed tutorial will help in this.

To make such a craft, we will use:

  • colored paper;
  • a ruler with a simple pencil;
  • decorative eyes;
  • scissors;
  • glue stick.

Dragonfly Summer Craft for Kids Step by Step

The background for the craft is made from a blue sheet of paper. On it, first we will depict a reed. To do this, cut out narrow leaves from green paper, and then glue them onto a vertically located sheet. Leaves can be of different heights, absolutely not symmetrical.

Now let’s use brown paper. We cut the reed directly from it and add it to the craft.

Next, let’s create a three-dimensional dragonfly. For her, 6 rectangular blanks were cut out of paper of different colors. Their size starts from 8×3 cm and ends at 15×5 cm.

Lubricate the edge of each rectangle with glue, then form a ring. In total, we get 6 such rings.

Sequentially lay them out on the craft, not forgetting to apply glue to the bottom. So we made the basis of our dragonfly.

Dragonfly Summer Craft

From light blue paper cut out 2 pairs of wings.

We fix them on the sides of the base, placing them closer to the front.

Dragonfly Summer Craft

It remains to glue decorative eyes, but they can also be drawn with a marker, made from white and black paper. Dragonfly summer craft is ready.

Dragonfly Summer Craft

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