Butterfly Apples Craft

Butterfly Apples Craft

Bright butterfly apples craft step by step. A simple fall craft for kids. Catchy butterfly made of natural materials.

What you need for work:

  • Two apples (one of which is slightly smaller);
  • Two large maple leaves, both fresh and dried;
  • Petioles for antennae, they can be taken from apples or leaves;
  • 1 grape for the nose;
  • Plastic or paper sticky eyes (as an option – cloves seasoning);
  • 2 toothpicks.

Butterfly Apples Craft Step by Step

Prepare two beautiful apples. For a head, an apple is better to take a smaller size. Apples can be of any color, the butterfly will be beautiful both red and yellow and even green. Leaves can also be taken in any color, just keep in mind that fresh leaves can curl up, especially if the butterfly is made in the evening, but only presented in the morning at the autumn festival. I advise you to put the leaves in a book, press them heavy, and attach them to apples in the morning. Some craftswomen advise ironing the leaves with an iron, but not directly, but through sheets of paper.

Using two toothpicks, fasten two apples together, placing the smaller one on top.

Insert two petioles at the top to make tendrils.

Butterfly Apples Craft

On the sides, add maple leaves, which will be the wings of the butterfly.

Butterfly Apples Craft

Finally, add the nose and eyes. The grape-nose is attached with its own petiole, but you can also use a toothpick.

Butterfly Apples Craft

That’s it, the butterfly apples craft is ready. This is a great fall craft, interesting and catchy.

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