Handmade Roses of Maple Leaves — Step by Step with Photos

Roses of Maple Leaves

You can craft handmade roses of maple leaves to celebrate autumn holidays. The leaves’ bright colors, which can vary from pale yellow and bright golden to orange, red, and green, will make the bouquet look different every time.

What will you need for work?

  • Maple leaves (freshly picked);
  • Threads.

Depending on the leaves’ structure, the final result is not always the same and predictable. Softer and thinner leaves make up clearer layers and more accurate roses. Sometimes, it happens that a leaf is a little hard and cracks when being folded, so the layers of the bud won’t be so clearly visible. But anyway, the bouquet looks attractive and amusing.

How to Make Roses of Maple Leaves with Your Own Hands?

Prepare the middle part. It can be made of a small leaf.

Turn it the front face up; fold it in half, bending the upper part backwards.

Roll it to form a tube, starting from the right or the left side. To make it more convenient, you can fix this roll with a bit of adhesive tape.

This makes up the rose’s core; and you should form the flower bud around it. To do this, take another leaf, fold it in half as you have done in the previous case; then slightly bend its top backwards (at about 1-1.5 cm) and wrap around the core. It should look like if you covered it with a blanket or started to swaddle a child.

Further actions are similar. Take the next leaf, which is slightly larger than the previous ones, and wrap it around, forming a bud. The only thing is that every time you should start doing it from the opposite side. In other words, you should wrap the core around with a leaf, fix the meeting sides with your fingers and start wrapping the next leaf from this very spot so that the ends meet from the opposite side. Thus, you should add about 5-6 leaves in turn. You can take less, but then you will get very small buds. However, they also can become a part of your autumn bouquet.

Roses of Maple Leaves

When working, you should press the stem close to the leaf firmly, as the bud will be trying to open up all the time. As soon as you have added the last, the largest leaf, you should wrap all the stems with threads carefully. Just wind the threads all the way from the bottom to the middle. Optionally, you can wrap the flower stem with beige, green or yellow corrugated paper.

You can make any number of flowers – three or more. Then collect them together and again wrap the stems with thread or adhesive tape.

Roses of Maple Leaves

To complete the craft, complement your bouquet with whole leaves of any colors you like. To make it shine, you can apply a little bit of sunflower oil to each of the buds – one drop will be enough. That’s all; the handmade roses of maple leaves are ready.

Roses of Maple Leaves

A small bouquet of three flowers.

Roses of Maple Leaves

Gorgeous bouquet of 9 roses.
Roses of Maple Leaves

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