Apple Crafts for Kids

Apple Crafts

Simple apple crafts that kids can make with their own hands. A selection of ideas for the autumn holiday for kindergarten and school.

The basis of all crafts are apples of different varieties and colors. But also, for fastening and to give a particular look, you will need additional materials, such as: toothpicks, leaves, berries, vegetables, clay and paper.

Apple Crafts — TOP Easy Ideas

Apple Caterpillar

apple caterpillar

A popular craft made from apples, which has long held a leading position at autumn fairs in kindergartens and primary schools. The caterpillar looks catchy, bright, consists of apples, carrots, from which the legs are made, a grape for the nose and autumn leaves with rowan, which complete the image of a fashionista.

Apple Turkey Craft

Apple Turkey Craft

It’s as easy as shelling pears to make a bird like a turkey out of an apple. Prepare a beautiful yellow apple for him. Select dry leaves for the tail and feathers, cut out the components of the head and neck, as well as paws from paper. Collect all the materials into a single whole to get such a bright and interesting turkey made from natural material.

Rooster From Apples

Rooster from apples

Another apple poultry is the rooster. It combines natural materials such as fruits, vegetables, leaves. Two apples connected with a toothpick will be the head and body of the rooster. The comb and beak are made from carrots, and dry leaves replace the wings and tail of the bird.

Apple Helicopter

Helicopter from apple and carrot

For this craft you will need an apple, carrots and toothpicks. The apple should be cut in half, the landing gear, blades and tail of the helicopter should be cut out of the carrot. Secure all ingredients together with toothpicks. Important: adult help is required, since cutting helicopter parts from hard carrots with a knife can be difficult and traumatic for children.

Bunny Apples

Bunny Apples Craft

A very simple craft made from apples — a funny bunny. In addition to two apples, which will be the body and head, you will need two oblong dry leaves for the ears, as well as cardboard to complement the bunny with paws and a muzzle.

Butterfly Apples

Butterfly Apples Craft

The butterfly consists of apples, dry maple leaves, and grapes. The craft is catchy and original and will decorate selections of works made from natural materials at the autumn festival.

Piglet From Apple

Piglet From Apple

Funny pig made from one apple and carrots. The main job is to cut out the snout, legs, tail and ears from the carrot. This may require adult help.

Apple Frog

Apple Frog

A very easy frog craft made from an apple and paper. Eyes and limbs should be cut out of green cardboard and added with a smile. Stick the cardboard pieces into the apple and the frog is ready.

Apple Crafts — Ant

Apple Ant

To make this craft, you will need two red apples, a grape, as well as any eyes and leaf stalks. Apples should be secured with toothpicks, paws and nose inserted, and finished with eyes.

Apple Ladybug

Apple Ladybug

For this craft you will need half an apple, sunflower seeds and a grape with a stem.

Make a cut in the middle of the apple half, insert the seeds and grape, the ladybug is ready. Petioles from leaves were used for the antennae.

Apple crafts can be very diverse, because the base of the body or head is already ready, and additional parts can be easily made from vegetables, berries, and other natural auxiliary materials, such as paper, clay.

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