Clay Rose Flower Modeling Step by Step

Clay Rose Flower

A beautiful clay rose that kids can mold. Sculpting a flower with your own hands in a step-by-step execution.

For modeling, prepare:

  • Green and red clay;
  • Stack;
  • Substrate for working with clay.

Clay Rose Flower Step by Step

To mold a rose, we need red clay and half the amount of green.

Roll the pieces of prepared clay into balls.

Roll out the red ball into a thick sausage.

Using a stack, cut the clay into pieces. They can be 10-15 pieces. In addition, it is advisable to make the sizes of the pieces in increments, since it is appropriate to use small petals inside the rosette.

Roll each piece into a ball.

Roll each ball into a flat cake, you can flatten them with your fingers.

The petals of the future clay rose are ready, let’s start forming a flower from them.

To do this, roll the first small petal into a roll.

Clay Rose Flower

Wrap the second petal on top, and be a little looser than the first.

Clay Rose Flower

Next, add a third petal, placing it slightly above the first two.

Clay Rose

Add two more, also a little higher, and use your fingers to tilt back the top of the petals a little.

Clay Rose

In the same way, stick in a circle all the other petals. Spread them a little to the sides, forming a beautiful flower.

Clay Rose

The rose is ready, now we will sculpt a couple of leaves for it.

Roll green clay into two balls.

Give the balls a semblance of carrots or droplets.

Press on top with a flat object, such as a ruler, and form leaves. Draw streaks on top of the stack.

Stick the leaves to the flower and the clay rose flower is ready.

Clay Rose Flower

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