Clay Daisies — Clay Painting on Cardboard

Clay Daisies

Daisies from clay on a sheet of cardboard step by step. In finished form, the craft can become a greeting card. You will find all the details on its creation in this tutorial.

To make such a craft, we will prepare:

  • clay set;
  • a sheet of blue cardboard;
  • compass with scissors;
  • plastic stack.

Clay Daisies Dtep by Step

The basis for our clay craft will be a circle cut out of blue cardboard.

On it we will make several daisies out of clay. For the largest flower, we prepare 9 small balls of white clay. We lay them out in a circle on a cardboard base.

Then gently press the first ball with your finger and stretch it towards the center. So we made the first chamomile petal.

Similarly, we form the remaining petals.

The second chamomile flower will be smaller. For him, we prepare only 4 balls and lay them out as follows.

Stretching each of them, we form a flower.

On the other hand, we do the same.

On a large chamomile, add a yellow center.

Use a toothpick to make small dots.

Next, we use green clay, from which we make the lower parts of small flowers and stems in the form of thin flagella.

Clay Daisies

Add a green leaf.

Clay Daisies

We create veins on it using a plastic stack.

Clay Daisies

Let’s make some more leaves.

Clay Daisies

At the bottom of the craft, we will make grass from small green balls of clay. We stretch them in the same way as we did the petals of daisies.

Clay Daisies

Let’s decorate our craft with a butterfly. For her, we roll 4 small balls from red clay and put them together.

Clay Daisies

We press these balls, add the body, head and decorate the wings with small yellow balls.

Clay Daisies

And on the left on the grass we will place a ladybug. Clay daisies are ready.

Clay Daisies

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