Pipe Cleaners Octopus Craft

Pipe Cleaners Octopus

Pipe cleaners octopus is a perfect craft and creative activity that all children enjoy. Fluffy wires are very plastic; they can be easily used to make a variety of characters. Just look at the process – and you will easily repeat it.

For the craft you will need:

  • 4 pipe cleaners of any color;
  • Eyes. If you have no moving ones, you can use paper, paillettes, or small buttons to make them.

Pipe Cleaners Octopus Step by Step

Take two wires and cut them in half. Your octopus will be pretty small. If you need a larger one, you can use 4 whole uncut wires.

Fold these 4 wires in half.

Take another wire and wind it at the upper part next to the wires folds to make the head.


Wind it thoroughly, tightly pressing the tip at the end. You will need a whole pipe cleaner for this.


Now, lift all eight tentacles to the sides.

Then, redirect them into the opposite direction. In other words, put them all onto the head.

Take a whole wire again and wind it tightly and thoroughly round the neck area, forming the octopus’ head.

You won’t need much wire for this; cut off the excess.

Now, spread the tentacles to the sides and bend the tips.

Pipe Cleaners Octopus

Glue the eyes and your pipe cleaners octopus is ready.

Pipe Cleaners Octopus

I made a blue octopus, and my daughter quickly crafted a pink octopus-girlfriend for him. Now, this funny couple is my kid’s favorite toys.

Pipe Cleaners Octopus

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