Butterfly of Pipe Cleaners and Pompons

Butterfly of Pipe Cleaners

A butterfly made of pipe cleaners and pompons is bright and pleasant to touch craft and an easy creative work for children. You can make this butterfly in several steps only and it gives massive opportunities for imagination and creative ideas.

The instruction offers 3 options for creating butterflies of pipe cleaners, but everyone can add something else to their taste, complement and modify this simple kids’ craft.

For the craft you will need:

  • Multi-colored pipe cleaners (fluffy wire);
  • Small pompons;
  • Sticky eyes;
  • Glue.

Butterfly Made of Pipe Cleaners and Pompons

1 method


  • 3 multi-colored pipe cleaners;
  • 1 pompom;
  • A pair of moving eyes;
  • Glue for the pompom.

Prepare two wires of different colors. You can use whole wires or their halves. Twist them together in the center and draw the tips aside.

Starting from the tip, twist two upper wire branches into a tight spiral.

Then, repeat the procedure with two bottom parts. Butterfly’s wings are ready.

Take the third fluffy wire of any color you like, wrap the butterfly’s central part with it to make the body; then direct the tips upwards, twist and straighten them. This will make the insect’s antennae. In fact, at this stage the butterfly is ready.


However, you can attach the pompom head and stick the eyes onto it.


Butterfly of Pipe Cleaners and Pompons

2 method


  • 2 pipe cleaners of different colors;
  • 1 pompom, eyes;
  • Glue or double-sided adhesive tape.

Crafts made of pipe cleaners are a great creative activity for kids; usually, they are happy to be involved in working with such pleasant material.

The second method of making a butterfly of pipe cleaners is also very simple.

Starting from the middle, coil the fluffy wire to make rings, just like you tie up shoelaces, but leaving the ends free at the same time.

Then, turn the lower ends into rings as well. You can make them of any shape: round or oblong. The wings are ready.

Take another pipe cleaner, wrap it around the wings’ center part to make the insect’s body, twist it atop and straighten the ends, which will make the antennae.

Butterfly of Pipe Cleaners

You can attach eyes at once or glue the pompom at first, and then glue the eyes onto it.

Butterfly of Pipe Cleaners

Butterfly Made of Pipe Cleaners

3 method to make a butterfly of pipe cleaners and pompoms


  • 2 fluffy wires of different colors;
  • 4 multi-colored little pompons;
  • Eyes, glue.

The way to make this butterfly is the same as the previous one. Coil a wire into two upper rings, and then into two lower ones.

Wrap the middle part of the wings with the second wire, bringing the tips upwards to make the antennae.

Butterfly of Pipe Cleaners

Attach a few pompons on the top and glue eyes to the upper pompom.

Butterfly of Pipe Cleaners

Here are the bright crafted insects kids can make – beautiful crafted butterfly of pipe cleaners and pompons.

Butterfly of Pipe Cleaners

It’s a great option for summer and spring crafts.

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