Paper Penguins: Cone Crafts

Paper Penguins

A conical base can be used to make lots of characters, including animals, birds, flowers and trees, original objects and finger toys.

I liked cone-based paper penguins right away. Since they look amusing and it’s easy and fast to make them. I saw the idea a long time ago on a website and saved for myself. On that site, the authors created a wonderful composition: lots of penguins on iceberg pieces and on the shores surrounded and divided by water surface. In fact, they used blue oilcloth as water and foam as pieces of icebergs and snowy shores. But everything looked extremely convincing and harmonious. So, you can take this point.

What materials will you need?

  • Basically, it’s black and white paper. And a little bit of orange for a nib;
  • A writing pencil, scissors, a glue stick;
  • Compasses or an object with a round bottom or base.

How to Make Paper Penguins?

Draw a circle on black paper and cut it out. Since one circle half is enough to make one penguin, from the whole circle you can make two birds at once. If you don’t need two of them, you can leave the second part to make wings. The circle can be of a variety of sizes – it depends on the penguin height you want. I used a saucer to make a circle, but my daughter took a glass and got tiny penguin kids.

Cut the circle in half.

Prepare additional paper parts: cut two small circles out of white paper – they will make eyes and use a felt pen to draw pupils. You will need two orange paper triangles for nibs and two wings of black paper. A penguin breast will be made of a rectangle with a rounded side, slightly lower than a black semicircle. Don’t worry, if you’ve made a longer one – you can make it shorter later.

Make a cone of the black semi-circle and glue the sides together.

Stick the white breast that should reach the very bottom.

Attach the nib to the bird.

Paper Penguins

And glue the eyes onto it.

Paper Penguins

Add wings on either side of the bird and slightly curl them up.

Paper Penguins

The paper penguins are generally ready, but I fond the eyes looking too frightened, so I attached them more thoroughly so that they fit tightly to the body or the head – in one word, to the cone.

Paper Penguins

Here we got these amusing penguins. You can play with them; they are stable on the surface.

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