Squirrel from Fir Cone, Acorns and Clay Craft

Squirrel from Fir Cone

Squirrel from fir cone, acorns and clay step by step for kids. To create today’s crafts, we need some natural materials. In particular, you need to cook a fir cone and acorns. And we will make a squirrel, additionally using clay for this.

You will need:

  • clay orange, black, white;
  • fir cone;
  • acorns;
  • plastic stack;
  • decorative eyes.

Squirrel from Fir Cone, Acorns and Clay Step by Step

First, we blind the main blanks for our squirrels. This will be a ball of orange clay for the head, as well as an elongated blank, from which we will make the body of a squirrel.

For the upper paws, roll up a pair of thick “sausages” of clay of the same color.

We need another small piece of orange clay in order to connect the fir cone (it will become the tail of the squirrel) with the body.

Now let’s take some white clay, first roll a ball out of it, and then flatten it. We add this blank to the body, so we made the breast.

From a previously molded ball, we form the head of a squirrel, separately sculpt the ears and fix them on the head.

Now we will add decorative eyes, and from pieces of white and black clay we will form a muzzle.

Attach this head to the body.

From thick “sausages” we form the upper paws and attach.

Squirrel from Fir Cone

We will make a large squirrel tail from a fir cone, which needs to be fixed vertically behind the body. To connect, use a small piece of orange clay, which we prepared in advance.

Squirrel from Fir Cone

We will make the lower legs of the squirrel from acorns. We will give one more fruit of the oak to the paws. A squirrel from fir cone, acorns and clay is ready.

Squirrel from Fir Cone

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