Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll Craft Holding an Acorn

Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll

We already have plenty of animals made of paper rolls – amusing, funny, and attractive; this time, we have a squirrel toilet paper roll.

However, it’s not a common one, but with a real acorn, which it holds in its paws. This craft will become a perfect option for an autumn celebration in a kindergarten.

What will you need?

  • Brown and orange cardboard. You can use slightly different shades of brown or mustard, as long as one color is a little lighter than the other;
  • A little of white paper for teeth;
  • A toilet paper roll;
  • Moving eyes or handmade ones of white and black paper;
  • A ruler, a glue stick, scissors, a writing pencil, a black felt pen;
  • An acorn with a cap

Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll Craft Step by Step

Measure the roll and cut a piece of brown cardboard corresponding to its size. It’s convenient to use the roll itself for measuring by wrapping cardboard around it and marking the necessary size.

Glue brown cardboard over the roll.

To make the squirrel’s ears, fold one of the roll sides inward; start with one half, following with the other. Do your best to press gently, scaling the depth, so that you get two symmetrical sides.

Cut a long expanding tail out of brown cardboard; let it be long – taller than the roll. You should also remember that the tail will be curled.

Draw and cut out simple paws: two thin strips with a kind of five fingers at the end. If the cardboard you have taken is not very thick, don’t make the paws too thin, otherwise the squirrel will fail t to hold the acorn in them.

Also, draw and cut out rounded orange heart, which will make up the squirrels’ snout, and white long teeth. For them, you can cut a small rectangle with the corners cut off on one side. This cut will smoothly turn into a smile later.

All the parts are ready; it’s time to assemble them in an amusing forest character. Start with gluing the eyes, then the snout and the teeth onto it. Use a black felt pen to draw the squirrel’s eyelashes, nose, smile, and teeth-dividing line.

Then, glue the long tail at the very bottom, slightly curling its tip down with a pencil. At the end, stick the paws and glue an acorn to them, press thoroughly and hold for a while. It’s important that the acorn cap should be tight, since the paws can slide and it will be the cap that will stop them.

Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll

Here is the squirrel toilet paper roll that we’ve made – a great toy and a handicraft for an autumn celebration and not just that.

Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll

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