Toilet Paper Roll Owl

Toilet Paper Roll Owl

Have no ideas what to make of a toilet paper roll? Make an owl. It’s simple, but it looks amusing and beautiful.

Moreover, due to a roll’s closed upper part, the owl stands out by its completeness and harmony among other handicrafts of this material, in which a roll hole is visible.

Toilet Paper Roll Owl is Made of the Following Materials:

  • Toilet paper rolls;
  • Brown and orange colored paper;
  • If you have no ready-made eyes, you will need a bit of white and black paper;
  • You will also need glue, scissors, a ruler, and a writing pencil.

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Owl

You should start with preparing the roll. To do this, squeeze one half of the edge on either side of the roll and then the other. Even these steps are enough to see the outlines of our would-be owl. Now, the roll is ready for further operations. You can wrap it with paper, stick paper feathers, or just draw the signatures of an owl with a felt pen.

We will focus on the first version. Prepare all parts of a would-be owl.

To do this, measure the length and width of the roll; you can do it directly on paper. Don’t forget that brown paper will follow the roll fold, so little margins should be left.

Draw a simple owl wing, fold brown paper in half and cut out two similar wings at once.

Now, we proceed to orange paper; we will need a bright circle on the bird’s belly. You can do it by just circling around inside the roll and you will get an even circle of the right size.

You also need to cut out a triangle – a nib and two claws. Again, to make the parts identical, we draw on paper, fold it in half, and cut out two legs at once. Cut out the bird’s eyes.

Now, all the parts of the toilet paper roll owl are ready; it’s time to proceed to its assembly.

Stick prepared brown paper to the roll and bend its upper edges. Don’t forget to apply glue beforehand.

You can leave it as it is, but I didn’t like the top and I evened it a little by cutting and sticking paper atop of it, which follows the outline of the owl upper part.

Next, attach the orange belly.

And the nib atop.

And then, the squinting eyes.

Toilet Paper Roll Owl

Toilet Paper Roll Owl

And the final touch is the wings. Stick them to the back part of the owl and slightly fold them forwards.

Toilet Paper Roll Owl

Toilet Paper Roll Owl

Glue the claws legs, and the toilet paper roll craft is complete.

Toilet Paper Roll Owl

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