Butterfly Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Butterfly Paper Roll Craft

Bright, very festive and beautiful butterfly from a toilet paper roll step by step. Can be a great creative work for Valentine’s Day.


  • Paper roll;
  • Colored paper (yellow, orange, pink, magenta, red);
  • Sticky eyes;
  • Figured puncher;
  • Scissors, ruler, glue.

Butterfly Toilet Paper Roll Craft Step by Step

Our butterfly is multi-colored, the body is in bright stripes. Measure the circumference of the sleeve and its height and prepare 5 strips of different colors. In this craft, the stripes are 3 cm wide and 15 cm long.

Glue them over the sleeve so that there are no gaps, strip by strip.

You get such a bright body of a butterfly.

Now we need to make the wings. They can be of different shapes, even round.

Cut out the wings to your liking.

Also prepare the antennae – two thin strips and two hearts. All hearts are made with a figured hole punch.

Glue the wings to the body.

Butterfly Paper Roll Craft
From above, add antennae with hearts at the tips.

Butterfly Paper Roll Craft
Glue the eyes, mouth, decorate the wings with pink and red hearts.
Everything, a bright butterfly from a toilet paper sleeve is ready.

Butterfly Paper Roll Craft

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