Pipe Cleaner Flowers: Easy Step-by-Step Method

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Every child starting from middle preschool age can make such pipe cleaner flowers. And younger children can make these wonderful flowers with a little advice and help from adults.

By experimenting with colors, you can make as many as a bunch of these uncommon flowers and present them to mother, grandmother or sister.

For the craft you will need:

  • Pipe cleaners or fluffy wire (green, red and yellow);
  • Scissors.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Flowers?

Prepare 5 pieces of red (or of any other color) wire for the flower petals, 1 yellow for the core and 3 green for the stem and leaves. You don’t need to make a huge flower and use whole fluffy cleaners. You can cut them in half and use the halves.

Connect the stem and the core ends; in this version, we take green and yellow pipe cleaners. Just twist them together and press tightly.

Arrange 5 red cleaners (or of any other color that you have chosen for the flower petals) around the yellow wire; take another green wire and wind it around the red cleaner’s ends. Thus, you will fix all the wires together and at the same time create a tiny bud at the bottom of the flower.

Petals for the Fluffy Wire Flower

For the sake of convenience, put all 5 wires that’ll make the petals to the side. Take one wire by the end and carefully coil it into a flat spiral. Try to avoid wide gaps, since dense fluffy petals look much more attractive.

Coil all the petals into spirals.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Now, coil the yellow wire exactly the same way to make the flower core. Place it atop of the red ones. You’ve coped with the main part of work.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Now, take another green cleaner and make leaves. Any method is suitable here. You can take a part of the wires to make oblong rings at once (like tying up shoelaces) and twist the rest to the stem. Or cut the wire and coil each part into rings and then attach them to the stem.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers
A pipe cleaner flowers is ready; despite the long description, everything is simple and quick here. This is a good idea for a kids’ craft.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

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