Owl Corner Bookmark

Owl Corner Bookmark

An owl corner bookmark is a great craft for Valentine’s Day, a useful item for every day.

The work is based on an origami corner, and then additional details that turn it into an owl, and not an ordinary one, but a love one, as can be seen from the abundance of paper hearts on it.

Materials used:

  • Red colored paper for the corner;
  • Pink, yellow, white and black colored paper for small details;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick.

Owl Corner Bookmark Step by Step

How to Bookmark a Corner

Prepare a square piece of paper. The most convenient bookmark is not very small, it is better to prefer the size of the sides of the square from 15 cm and above.

Fold the square in half, connecting the opposite corners. Get a triangle.

Pull the right corner of the triangle and connect it to the top one. Smooth out the fold at the bottom.

Do the same with the left corner.

Return the corners to their original position, again forming a triangle.

Lower the top corner down, setting the tip along the bottom edge of the triangle.

Bend the right corner and direct its tip into the pocket in the middle. Carefully guide it there, and make folds on the side and along the edge of the pocket.

Place the left corner in the pocket as well. Corner bookmark is ready.

Owl Corner Bookmark

Flip it upside down.

Owl Corner Bookmark

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We give the Corner the Appearance of an Owl

The corner itself is already quite finished, it can be turned into any character, and even a plant. For an owl in love, we need:

  • Two hearts for wings;
  • A few small ones to decorate the body;
  • Heart for beak;
  • Two very small ones in black – for the pupils (optional);
  • 4 circles for the eyes.

Glue all the details, guided by the photo. The owl corner bookmark is ready.

Owl Corner Bookmark

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