Valentine Gnome Craft for Kids

Valentine Gnome Craft

An easy job for kids is a Valentine gnome craft. It is a very easy origami that includes 3 steps.

From the materials you will need:

  • Yellow paper;
  • A little orange for a round nose;
  • White paper;
  • Red for hearts;
  • Scissors, glue, figured hole punch.

Valentine Gnome Craft for Kids Step by Step

From yellow paper, cut a rectangle of any desired size.

Lower the upper left corner down, while aligning the upper side with the lateral right side.

Bend the resulting corner from the top down.

Valentine Gnome Craft

Given the width of the yellow paper, cut out a semi-oval from the white paper and glue it on the area indicated in the photo.

Valentine Gnome Craft

Add a nose on top, decorate the cap with red hearts.

Valentine Gnome Craft

It turned out such a very simple Valentine gnome craft, which children can make quickly and easily.

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