Valentine’s Day Crafts — Ideas, Tutorial for Kids

Valentine's Day Crafts

A selection of the best works for children, simple and sometimes slightly complex Valentine’s Day crafts Day with step-by-step photo instructions.

As usual, in order not to search the entire site for suitable ideas, I create top works with links to detailed tutorial. Choose the ideas you like and follow the links provided at the end of each brief. You will definitely follow the work located on my website There are no external transitions to third-party resources.

DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

Heart Bear

Voluminous Heart Bear

An original and easy craft will require the following materials:

  • Double-sided cardboard, colored paper;
  • Moving eyes;
  • A classic stationery set (scissors, glue stick, simple pencil), as well as a marker.

Next is a matter of technique and creative mood.

Snail with the Heart

Snail with the Heart

A popular craft for Valentine’s Day, and also very easy. You will need:

  • A strip of double-sided cardboard;
  • A strip of colored paper;
  • Felt pens, scissors, glue;
  • Funny moving eyes.

Fold the strips in a certain way and glue them.

Heart Snail Craft

Heart Snail Craft

A great gift from a child, and also a wonderful creative activity. Children will definitely enjoy making such a craft, if only because it is so easy to do.

You will need the following materials:

  • Colored cardboard and paper in double-sided versions;
  • Corrugated paper;
  • Kebab stick;
  • Moving eyes;
  • Office.

Valentine’s Day Crafts — Heart Peacock

Heart Peacock

A colorful peacock with a heart is an easy Valentine’s Day idea for kids. Step-by-step instructions with photos.

DIY Heart Shaped Paper Roses

Heart Shaped Paper Roses Valentine Wreath

The basis of the work is in flowers. They need to be cut correctly and twisted into a spiral. But the main thing is to let the spiral flow at the very end, not too much and not too little, so that it turns into a beautiful rose. But it’s better to see the process clearly.

Accordion Paper Unicorn

Accordion Paper Unicorn

A unicorn in glamorous colors with hearts is a great Valentine’s gift that kids can make and present to their loved ones.

Origami Heart With Tie

Origami Heart With Tie

If you love folding origami as much as I do, then you simply must make a craft for Valentine’s Day in the form of an origami heart with your children. Moreover, in this version the heart is not a simple one, but with a nice tie.

Easy Heart Crafts for Kids

Heart Crafts

You will say that these are not crafts, and they are not suitable for a top. You’re wrong, because every piece of work can be a craft, it just doesn’t need to be glued to cardboard. Cut out hearts of any shape from cardboard to make them more stable, glue them in a certain way and you will get any cute animals, birds or waterfowl.

Owl Corner Bookmark

Owl Corner Bookmark

An owl corner bookmark is a great craft for Valentine’s Day, a useful item for every day.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Origami Heart Bookmark

In this tutorial, the origami heart bookmark is presented in two versions. The first is a bookmark placed between the pages, and the second is a corner in the form of a heart.

Valentine Gnome Craft

Valentine Gnome Craft

An easy craft for kids — a paper gnome for Valentine’s Day. It is a very easy origami, involving only 3 steps. The gnome is practically schematic, consisting of one head of this fairy-tale character. Thanks to this, children can quickly and easily fold an origami gnome and be able to please their loved ones.

Hedgehog Valentine Craft

Hedgehog Valentine Craft

We continue the theme of animals in love, this time it is a very cute and funny hedgehog. The hedgehog itself is very simple. Probably, a heart consisting of several of its own kind will be more energy-consuming for children. Therefore, depending on age, it makes sense to choose between a 3d heart and a flat, one-piece heart.

Valentine’s Day Crafts — Accordion Paper Heart

Accordion Paper Heart

The simplest job from the entire top. An oblong oval made of paper needs to be folded into an accordion, and then doubled, and the heart of an interesting structure is ready. It in itself is already a surprise gift from a child. But you can also glue a stick wrapped in red or green corrugation to your heart, and you will get an original present or a unique flower.

Quilling Heart Bouquet

Quilling Heart Bouquet

A simple bouquet of hearts using the quilling technique in the form of an collage. Quilling for children and beginners step by step.

EVA Foam Heart Magnet

Heart Magnet

The heart is made of textured foam; it is a good handmade gift. And it’s absolutely not complicated, ideal for children.

Felt Valentine with a Cat

Felt Valentine

The work is very simple, as thick felt is used, without any filler. In essence, this is an ordinary, very light applique in the form of a heart and cat details.

Flower From Felt Hearts

Flower From Felt Hearts

This tutorial features a flower made from felt hearts. The craft can be made as a gift to loved ones for any occasion. For example, for a birthday, February 14th.

Valentine Day Cat Craft

Valentine Day Cat Craft

A simple craft — a cat with a three-dimensional heart made of colored paper and cardboard. A funny surprise for loved ones that a child can make with his own hands.

Origami Heart Envelope

Origami Heart Envelope

This Valentine’s Day craft may be a little tricky for preschoolers. But schoolchildren will definitely cope with it. The main thing is to follow all the stages of work exactly, and although there are many of them, they are very easy and understandable. You can put sweets, notes, postcards in such an envelope. For example, choose any of the selection of cards for Valentine’s Day.

Turtle Valentine Card

Turtle Valentine Card Craft

This character can be used either as a craft or as a Valentine’s Day cards. Provide children with bright paper and cardboard, or very young children with a turtle template, and be sure that they will like the creative process, as will their mothers, the result.

Giraffe Craft for Valentine’s Day

Giraffe Craft

A simple 3D Giraffe in Love collage that kids can make for Valentine’s Day. The volume of the collage is given by a roll made of colored paper. But you can also make a giraffe separately from the base, which would be an excellent craft for Valentine’s Day.

Butterfly Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Butterfly Paper Roll Craft

Make such a beautiful butterfly — a real decoration and a great surprise for your loved ones. The insect is made from a roll, but it is quite possible to replace it with a homemade roll of thick paper or cardboard.

Valentine’s Day Love Boat Craft

Valentine's Day Love Boat

Craft using origami technique for Valentine’s Day — a boat of love. A bright red boat with a fiery heart instead of a sail.

DIY Valentine Tin Can

Valentine Tin Can

A easy crafts — pencil holder made from a tin can. This is an easy creative activity for children and adults. Everyone can bring their own twist to the idea and decorate the jar with hearts and other glamorous details that are typical of Valentine’s Day.

These are the variety of Valentine’s Day crafts. All the ideas are simple, children will definitely cope with creative work. And if problems arise, adult help will only benefit the child. Communication brings parents and children closer together and helps develop thinking.

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