Hedgehog of Pear and Grapes: Step-by-Step Craft

Hedgehog of Pear and Grape

A hedgehog of pear and grapes is a nice-looking and amusing craft for an autumn holiday. It is fast and easy to make; it is always successful and looks amazing at the same time.

For the craft you will need:

  • Grapes. Both light and dark will do. The main thing is that it shouldn’t be too soft and watery;
  • A pear. You can take green as well, but I like yellow more. In this case, the hedgehog will be brighter and more impressive;
  • A berry for the nose (a cranberry, ashberry, a small dark grape, or an olive);
  • Toothpicks;
  • Moving ready-made eyes. You can make eyes of black and white paper, playdough, or use cloves for this purpose;
  • Optionally and if possible, you can prepare strawberries, which will further be beaded on the hedgehog’s quills. But, since autumn is not the strawberry season at all, you can replace it with small apples, plums, tiny carrots, or twigs with red or black currants.

Hedgehog of Pear and Grape Step-by-Step

Wash a nice-looking yellow hard pear with a turned up tail, cut off a stalk or petiole if it is too long. Take a toothpick, pierce it into a grape up to the half of its length, and then stick into the pear. The toothpick end should stick out, since the quills should be prickly. Start the process from the middle part of the pear and cover the entire its back part with quills. Try to make as few gaps as possible.

Hedgehog of Pear and Grape

Hedgehog of Pear and Grape

I have often seen photos showing a peeled hedgehog’s nose. Probably, it is done if the pear is green, with spots or of a wrong shape, since I didn’t like the idea – the nose darkens and becomes watery. Such a version can be suitable if the hedgehog made of a pear and grapes is a feast decoration, an uncommon way of serving fruit and berries, which will soon be eaten. For an autumn celebration, it’s better not to peel the pear.

Then, attach the nose with a toothpick, stick the eyes.

Hedgehog of Pear and Grape

Fruit and berries beaded onto the hedgehog’s quills will complement and decorate the craft.

Hedgehog of Pear and Grape

That’s all; the hedgehog of a pear and grapes is ready. Despite the fact that the nose is a little too long like a fox’s one, the craft will certainly become a decent decoration of an autumn celebration.

Hedgehog of Pear and Grape

Moreover, the process of making a delicious hedgehog is an interesting activity for children of any age. You can also make a girlfriend for your hedgehog – an apple caterpillar.

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